transfer my number from Rogers?

I want transfer my number from Rogers to fizz..? How?
And now I order 2 sim card from fizz for me and my daughter but now I just need transfer my Rogers number and keep another fizz sim card for my daughter?
How I cancel one???and how I transfer my Rogers number help me please??


  • To transfer your number you need to ask Rogers to provide you your account number. After that, you just need to follow the instructions from here:
  • vanigh
    vanigh Posts: 312
    Activating the sim card is very easy, just follow the steps described in responses, copy your account number and your name from your Rogers monthly invoice, used this referral number 7UJV7 for $ 25 off after your second bill.
  • Marisol G.
    Marisol G. Posts: 173
    First you'll need to unlock your phone if you bought it before they change the rules (4-5 years ago). After that, went you'll receive your sim cards, everything would be explain. For the extra sim cards, unfortunnatly, you can't cancel you order. Welcome in the fizz world :-)
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