Do I need to cancel my old internet service myself?

ZGuo Posts: 21
Today Fizz guy came and drop the modem to my home 1 hour before my appointment time frame, Now when I check from my computer, my service is still from Ebox not fizz. Because my former internet is also cable internet. I did not take away the old modem, should I must use the Fizz's modem?


  • ZGuo
    ZGuo Posts: 21
    Thanks a lot, now I will connect the modem from Fizz.
  • AMIRA R.
    AMIRA R. Posts: 210
    Sorry not really related to the post but can you share your experience with Fizz Home Internet.
    How would you rate experience so far any major issues like Mobile ?
  • GyslainH
    GyslainH Posts: 311
    @amira it’s a beta so expect some bugs. :)
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