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  • thank you for your help and i don't know if its right but defiantly make sense to me and i hope they improve their apps .Maybe would be a good idea to cut from so much advertising and invest on their apps.
  • Thank you for your advise but my privet mode is off and only some of devise on the fizz app act up as privet ,nothing else in my phone show this massage.
  • This is not my question please look at photo to understand my question and i know how to find the name of devise but even with name of devise still mark privet mode!!!!!!
    in Fizz app Comment by Jalal Z. June 4
  • Hi every one.....Any body knows what is PRAVTE MODE DETECTED and what does it mean ,i chat with fizz technician and couldn't tell me what is it and keep telling me rest to factory setting which i done 2 time.
    in Fizz app Comment by Jalal Z. June 3
  • Thanks
    in up grade Comment by Jalal Z. June 1
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