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  • Hi Melanie, I would suggest you order again and ask for a reimbursement for the second one. It'll go faster and you might get to the beta before it ends! Also, make sure the address in your order is correct and try to be there to receive it - for example, if you live in an apartment, and you're not there, I know they leave…
  • Fingers crossed for item 6!! I had some issues with MMS and sim delivery. But other than that, everything is working really well too!
  • Hey, Follow the instructions Fizz Team provided above. But by all means, do not change your plan if this is just a short trip. Changing your plan will only be into effect starting next billing cycle, therefore, you will continue with your Quebec plan in the short run and it'll not fix your current problem. You simply need…
  • I had the same problem and after reading the Help, I couldn't find any answer the really applied to our case. So I contacted the customer care service via chat. They troubleshoot a bit with me, but it still didn't work. They had to escalate to the technical service unfortunately. But luckily, it was solved within 3 days!…
  • Hi ME, I'd suggest you read this link where you'll probably find the answer. There are some tips on "must have" for being able to gift data. Check those! And if you comply with all requirements but you cannot still gift data to your friend, I'd suggest chatting with an agent. I'd rather chat with someone than using the…
  • Hi Xavier, Please turn off and turn your phone back on. it's always the most important. If you are in your coverage area, then I'd suggest you visit this link where you can do all the technical testing by youself: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/I-cant-make-any-calls-on-my-phone-why If it's still not working, then I'd suggest you…
  • Hi, Adding to that, Ottawa area is also included! :) But other than that, as Cat L. is suggesting, you have to be a resident of Quebec (province)/Ottawa - and then you can use your phone anywhere else in Canada (with a Canada coverage plan, otherwise, you'll have coverage but you'll be in roaming). If you do live in these…
  • Same here, I tried but it's not working :( When it will though, all you need to do is to click on your name, next to login/logout, and there you'll see the option "Change your avatar". Hope it helps!
  • Exactly, great answer Cat! Actually any information can be easily changed in your profile JRock ;)
  • Hi guys, Here is more information about the different 911-related services. Watch ou, T911 is going to become a new service by 2020: https://crtc.gc.ca/eng/phone/911/can.htm
  • Hey Cat, Yes you can, within some limits of course. Either you transfer your number, if you already have one that you like, or during activation, you can choose the last 4 digits of you number ;) Here is all the info, step by step! https://fizz.ca/en/faq/activation-how-do-i-choose-the-last-4-digits-of-my-phone-number Hope…
  • Hi Lindsay, Hope this helps. I was looking online and I found this under Help, here you'll find answers to the Community guideline, how to login, how to activate your account, etc.... all the how-tos of the Community are basically here: https://fizz.ca/en/solutionhub/search?search_api_fulltext=community+ Hope it helps! :)
  • Hi, I did the same for my family. It's not a problem. Simply go to Overview, scroll down to "Mobile Plans" and then "Get started". Once there, choose Order a new sim card. And you can order as many as you want. Once you receive them, they can open their own accounts and use them to activate their plans. And voilà! ;)
  • Hey! I would strongly suggest the Huawei, I have a basic model and it's already amazing in temrs of photos. Higher models are really great and price-wise I think it's the best option if you compare to other pricer options that give you the same quality ;)
  • Hi! I know they are continuously improving the site every day. I actually tried myself today and it's working now, at least for me! I just went to My profile, Personal Information and I changed my name... don't forget to click Save at the bottom of the page ;) Hope it helps!
  • Hey, I'm waiting for that feature too, I see some users have it and others don't. Will we be informed somehow? Maybe a general message in the community? Keep us posted!
  • Really good too! I had a problem with my MMS when Fizz just launched. The lady helped me troubleshoot the phone but it still didn't solve the problem right there. The agent told me she would have to contact her technical team and would come back. I received an email confirming my ticket number and then the following day…
  • Exactly! If you do have a Québec plan, then I'd suggest that you contact Fizz team by chat (the icon that in the right lower corner) and they can verify the information quickly for you and troubleshoot with you your phone if needed ;) Hope that helps!
  • Hey, You should check the Help section, there's a lot of interesting information. Here it goes! ;) https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-can-i-do-with-my-wallet Hope it's helpful ;)
  • I got a Huawei P10 and I love it! Great pictures, drop it a couple of times and it's in excellent shape. I super recommend it ;)
  • Is it for people travelling anywhere? Including Québec? Or just outside Québec?
  • Hey, in your fizz.ca page, the log in page is in the upper-right corner. Hope it helps! If not, I would use the FAQ.
  • Thanks a lot Eon, double bonus: I was reading the FAQ and learnt new stuff too. Thanks a lot!
  • No problems here since Friday either, everything working wonderfully! I even went on a trip this long weekend and I was outside the city, and the data service worked very well all the route, I used it for my GPS ;)