• I got you. Thanks a lot. Just ignore my last comment. the page was not refreshed at that time. I enjoy my service now. Have a great day~~
  • I subscribe with a higher data internet plan again. But the upgrades cannot be applied. Maybe I need to wait after installation when the internet is activated? Hope they will not disappear at that time.😅
  • Thank you for all the explanations and reminders.
  • I like current communications. Even I never received any info on potential price increase when I ordered the SIM card, I can accept the policy now. And the time range fit my historical transaction. I didn't notice the upgrade of internet. So I can apply them to my home internet plan? But I just unsubscribed my home…
  • This is Fizz statements. But I did not see any benefits in my account. Any explanation of that, except arguments with the $3 price increase? I asked questions above. Just be ignored as always. Will you be satisfied about the service?
  • Well, I didn't experience that random price change until I chose fizz. This is exhausting, unfortunately. I will make my decision. No worries.
  • The communication is always like arguement back and force. Not heading to a solution. Now it is happening in the same. It is not the general customer service level.
  • And I am not the customer subscribed before April 12th, 2019. I ordered the SIM card on April 14th, 2019, activated even later. To be honest, I dislike the communication Fizz offered. No respect. And I suppose to have a discount for the package of mobile and home internet, but I get nothing. To save my time, I just…