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  • To put the end to the conversation. I left Fizz and moved to Koodo - 20Gb for $30/month no contract. But it is not the point that it is cheaper - it is also better. With the new SIM I have tested the shortcode that did not work with Fizz. Same phone, of course. Worked as expected. Dear Fizz, you should learn how to respect…
  • And here is the result from the "escalation": "Thank you for contacting us and the details provided. After verifying your Fizz account I was able to find the ticket mentioned by you and also the forwarded reply from the technical team. I am sorry to hear that the solution offered was not suitable for you, however after…
  • Got to Fizz support finally. Turned out....they actually "closed" my ticket without closing it for real. It is still open in my account page but they assumed they have done their work by sending me an email long time ago :) "Je vous remercie d'avoir patienté le retour du service technique qui vous avise de contacter votre…
  • My problem is: I do not want to be standing somewhere in another country, trying to pay for a service or a good and not being able to confirm my transaction. In this situation, I may not even have time to call someone. Not to mention that the voice calls from abroad are expensive.
  • I was planning to give it another try, but now I realize that it is a dead end. I cannot chase every single shortcode through Fizz support after I am unable to reply to an important SMS.
  • I am still waiting for Fizz to answer. The ticket is stuck with no progress and my attempt to escalate it has failed - the link to the escalation form is dead and getting to support is difficult. I am actually about to switch both numbers to Virgin.
  • @Andrei_ref_R7VK1 Maybe that's what makes a difference. I tried to send the message from my wife's iPhone - she is also on pay-per use plan for SMS. Same problem as on my Android, "send failed". Thus, it may be related to the plan.
  • Interesting, thanks for testing it. Do you have unlimited SMS plan? I pay per message. I wonder if it makes any difference.
  • So, you are currently using +15144240053 as SMSC number? And I was instructed by Fizz support to switch to +1-438-520-0092. Hmm... I will do some research tonight about this ,145 suffix. I believe it is just an indication that it is an internationally-formatted number, but I may be wrong. I am curious what happens if you…
  • I have modified my SMSC number to "+14385200092",145 as suggested. Restarted the phone and verified that the SMSC number is updated. Tried to send a test SMS to that shortcode, same failure. It also appears that this change breaks the regular SMSes. At least two of my tests SMSes sent to regular Canadian numbers after that…
  • I did not say it is resolved :) I am not sure if changing SMSC number will help. Will wait for the ticket to be answered.
  • I have asked to submit the ticket and in this case it is specifically about responding to the messages sent from these shortcodes. I have noticed that it works at least for some shortcodes. I was able in the past to respond to Expedia, to my dentist...they use shortcodes. But in case of CT bank I was not able to send the…
  • Incredible. No other operators have this issue. Thanks, I will give it a try and will notify also CT bank that their security feature does not work with Fizz.