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  • I've had a ticket open for almost two weeks now (and unable to make calls during this period). Contacting customer service through the messaging service doesn't do anything. They can only check their computer if the ticket is open but unable to give any idea when it will be looked at, though will continuously say its under…
  • Another couple of days gone by. My ticket will have been open for almost two weeks. Can't make outgoing calls. No one at Fizz to talk to. On messenger they say I just have to wait for an email, but after two weeks of waiting with not being able to make calls I will have to get a plan with someone else I guess. Any…
  • if it gives anyone ideas: I switched my sim card to another phone and I have the same issue then on the other phone (so the phone is not the issue).
  • I have tried chatting with Fizz several times and am told that they will get to me as soon as possible. I have done all the tricks. When I try to make an outgoing call I get a recorded message saying "you do not have access to this service, for more information please contact customer service at 611". When I dial 611 I get…
  • Its now been a week and a half. Yes the ticket is open and has been for a week but I have not seen any progress. Half way through a second week of not being able to make phone calls and fizz has not giving me any indication when I can expect a fix. Obviously I can't continue like this for ever.
  • I got a confirmation email that the payment was received 24 hours ago. I still cannot make an outgoing call.