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  • Jessy, the modems and cable have been replaced with no reason. All of them behaved the same. The issue is somewhere else. It is the Internet Management Policy or polizei or Stasi. This Fuzzy provider is good until you have a problem. I wish you a good "chatting" girl to move close to you and I will give you the same UPS…
  • You are so funny Jessy. An UPS for a stupid modem?
  • When and how does Fizz manage traffic on its network? Every 15 minutes, a system checks the traffic rate of each upstream channel (typically, one upstream channel serves a few dozen modems). If the traffic rate exceeds the threshold above which congestion occurs, the system identifies the 120 and 200 Mbps* modems in that…
  • Did you read my message mate?
  • I will try to comvince my wife to let me install it in the middle of the living room.She is a bit reluctant.
  • Well,? watch out you will get lip wrinkles. You make me think that all the answers were given by fake accounts. Are you all trying to clean the image of the company or they washed your brains. WTF, not even one against the "party"? It's a kind of Twin Peaks.
  • You have to believe me if I tell you that I thought that they stumble around trying to help the community.
  • Hell no! The fuzzy bubble chat is for fizz support and the COMMUNITY HUB should be for humble customers like "myself".
  • I have tried everything. My phone is not that old, Pixel 2 XL. Switching between fizz and fizz-ext will not be automatically done. Going from Montreal to Toronto or Vancouver when I started my phone I had no network so I tried to manually search for network. In Vancouver there was only one fizz-ext and trying to connect to…
  • Go to mobile network and check mobile data radio button to be on. Activate roaming also and restart your phone. Still no data, go to Wait a few seconds and chat with the fuzzy bubble. Good luck!