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  • Why am I always not in that “some members see the service back” group but always in the “some members experience issues” group
  • my cellular data was tracked by to Dec 2018, it wasn't reset just for yesterday so I couldn't check on that. What doesn't make sense is that even if the data was in and out, it was only about less than 20 mins for on the road for me, other time i was either in the office or at home with access to wifi yesterday. If the…
  • I don't wanna be cruel or mean but someone should be FIRED for this! You are commercial service, people are paying you MONEY for not being able to use the service! This is insane! more than 12 hours you are not able to fix this, this is so ridiculous.
  • I encountered the same issue. Contact the customer support and they will create a ticket to fix it for you. Mine got fixed the next business day. use this link to contact them
  • i had the same issue. like others suggested, contact the support, the agent will create a ticket then the tech team will get it back for you. it took one day to for them to get back to you. It took another day for the data to reappear in your account. 
  • Thanks for all your help! I’ve contacted the support, and indeed it seems like to be a bug... so they filed a ticket and this morning I got my rollover data back. :-) if anybody has the same issue; contact the support using the chat bubble!