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  • @Roger I. (also noting my frustration with Fizz….waiting until last day to send that unhelpful email!!! And because, like you, I use my # for 2-step authorization, which I need to be able to see/access while in the US)
    in VoLTE in US Comment by LeeL July 22
  • @Roger I. no issues with data. LTE often in upper right (iPhone) but still very sketchy/hit and miss with calls. I’ve received a few and have yet to be able to make one via cellular. (Can audio/video call via messenger and the like, which, as you point out, relies on good (data) signal strength. however, even in LTE mode,…
    in VoLTE in US Comment by LeeL July 22
  • @Roger I. curently in North Carolina. Very sketchy situation! Calls and texts are almost impossible to make and receive -sometimes it works, sometimes doesn’t! Can’t explain this…I’m sitting on the beach, and sometimes a call comes through…and sometimes it doesn’t. Texts via iMessage not a problem of course conencted to…
    in VoLTE in US Comment by LeeL July 20
  • @Roger I. ….well, I’ll be driving down the I-81/I-95 to NC in about 10 days ….let’s see what happens!
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  • @Roger I. thanks for this. Bottom line is Fizz email introduced a lot of confusion! they should have mentioned the VoLTE SIMs (also I note that someone from Fixz also clarified (on a different thread) that any SIM cards issued after Sep 2021 ARE compatible (so I assume are the VoLTE ones). I haven’t yet pulled mine out to…
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  • @uzedia thank you for clarifying …..bottom line: if I have a SIM purchased after Sep 2021, are you saying my (iPhone XR) WILL work in the US once all the changes happen (ie now?)
  • @zadigre thanks. This is such a disaster for me….I had joined FIZZ specifically for this reason -to keep my Canadian number when roaming in the US (without having to fork over to Rogers/Bell…we have a place in S Florida and spend ++ time there)… So, forgive me for my clueless-ness 🤪…..am I correct in assuming that if I…
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  • @zadigre -did you have a VoLTE SIM? I’m travelling to the US in 2 weeks (North Carolina) and wondering if I should try and push for a new sim beforehand and/or whether that would affect my service in Ottawa.
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  • @Jessy_ref_i88b6 Tried the Whizz instructions. Nothing worked. Reset the network settings -- did not work. Throughout all of this, I've never received a message/dialogue box to "update carrier settings" nor is there an option for me to manually update carrier settings....ouf! Where do I tap into Support for further…
  • @Whizz - any suggestions? the protocol you sent me didn't seem to help
  • @Jessy_ref_i88b6 thanks Jessy -- glad its not 'just me' that can't find that option. I also haven't received any 'notifications' of a carrier setting update -- no pop up or anything to 'accept'. I'm at my wits end with this!
  • @Clive_ref_code_73TF9 No "network settings" (APN or similar) on the iphone.... Agree that settings dont change on their own, which is what I find so perplexing. The phone/service has been perfectly fine since December when i started with Fizz...Yes, Ottawa is my normal area, and yes, data roaming is always 'on'. super…
  • @Clive_ref_code_73TF9 -- Where do I find the APN settings on iphone? I have tried looking for those (and would they suddenly just change on their own? service has been fine until yesterday
  • thanks Andrei. I did all of the above - noting however that there was no option to "reset settings" under Cellular Data Network. The above did NOT resolve the issue....yikes
  • Hi - no issues with payment, and 9 gb of data in my account. I dont have another device into which I can put my SIM. Will follow up via the "Chat" option - very frustrating!!