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  • Get used to it. I went an entire cycle with 0 data. Had to beg people for gifts. My cycle resets tomorrow. If it doesn't, byebye Fizz.
  • Offer is still valid! 2gb in return for every 1gb perk :) I still need data to finish my cycle hoping next one will work!
    in Good day! Comment by Krevaan May 2022
  • I was charged 80$ for my month. 30gb us canada. Gifting does not work. Tried with a friend, system told him I was unable to receive data. I will PM you my info. I CANNOT go a full month without data... That's just... Can't find a word... How do I send you a pm? Says you profile is private :) phone # is in the picture i…
  • I've contacted support. Have had a ticket open for 9 days now. Posted a pic. Just wondering if they'll ever fix my problem. I have been with Fizz for almost 3 years now. I know it's cheaper because service is not as good. I need a US plan because of work and Fizz is by far the best, but if they can't fix this I'll have to…