Je n’arrive pas à faire des appels ni recevoir d’appel. Le cellulaire a déjà été redémarré qq fois. Mon forfait me donne des minutes illimitées. Que faire??


  • I did say customer service, the robot tells me to wait, I see the number of people in queue, but after 15minutes or so, i see that the conversation has ended. Most ridiculous thing. I think Fizz is suggesting to take thst time to look for a Black Friday deal somewhere else
  • The chat is the worst thing ever. It makes me wait and then the conversation just ends. It makes me restart the chat again, and the same shit happens again
  • I have the same problem, incoming calls and outgoing calls don’t work. Sometimes it works for some numbers. I don’t understand what is the issue. If this persists, might as well change provider with the black friday sales