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  • Hi! Here’s my referral code: OZ2OU With this code, you will receive a 25$ credit on your 3rd payment. Note that it is very important to add the referral code during the creation of your plan. You will see a field called « referral code » when the taxes show on the final payment page. Don’t forget to click on the arrow to…
  • Very interesting question Attariyah! Logically, if you cancel your plan on the 25th of October to keep or change it back to your old plan, I think it is still considered as a change to your plan. So, most probably your plan will be changed to regular price. I would recommend you to change it today or tomorrow max if you…
  • Salut Khalid, Pas du tout. Les seuls frais seront la carte SIM (10$) et ton plan mensuel! C'est pour cela que Fizz est génial :D Tu pourrais aussi recevoir une prime de référence de 25 $, remise sous forme de réduction sur sur ta deuxième facture/mensualité avec Fizz. Juste assure toi d'utiliser le code OZ2OU avant de…
  • Hi Tsonka, To answer your question, I think it all depends of the scenario. If you received your SIM card, tried activating it and it didn't work out even after following the instructions provided from Fizz on their website, I suggest you contact them directly via chat or send them a direct message via facebook, maybe they…