FCP1893 ✭✭

Has anyone else been having issues with the wi-fi connection on 2.4Ghz? Starting this week, i have had nothing but wi-fi connection drops on my 2.4Ghz wi-fi card. Seems sporadic, and often times, the number of drops can go on for several minutes. If you run a continuous ping count, you'll see a nice solid 2-3ms response, then they'll be the odd 300-500ms response, followed by a coupled of dropped packets, then back to 2-3ms. No issues from a device that uses a 5Ghz connection, only my 2.4Ghz devices. I'm suspecting the firmware on the modem must have been updated recently, but i can't seem to find any logs on the router that would indicate that. Current firmware running is I rebooted the modem, and the device with the 2,4Ghz card, but it hasn't made a difference. Like i said, this started sometime this week. maybe Monday or Tuesday. I use this 2.4Ghz device everyday, for 10-12 hours daily, so i noticed right away when things start to act up. Anyhow, before i decide to go hardwire, i just wanted to see if anyone else in the community has experienced the same problem.


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