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How can I reactivate the number Fizz for my daughter who is now with Virgin , i want stay at my account and use sim card


  • CandyCris
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    You should send Fizz a message directly and delete this so no one sees your personal information.

  • elena code xzi4t
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    you can reactivates number only if this was dessctivated for less than 60 days

    You should have a button

  • M T. #12340
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    If your daughter phone number is with Virgin then you have to port back to Fizz.

  • BeakBird
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    @Whizz Can you please block out the OPs personal information.


  • TK81
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    As earlier stated, you should delete your personal information. There are bots online that scour the internet/message forums for phone numbers to collect and sell to telemarketers.
    Otherwise, yes, you should be able to do that. Use the chat feature on your account to contact a Fizz rep ASAP.
    Hope that helps!
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