How is Fizz so good?



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    but since i'm paying for use in the US and it does not work there its just a scam

  • Hello @Auracle, Fizz is the pre-paid discount provider of Videotron, both owned by Quebecor. Bell, Telus and Rogers all have several discount providers offering pre- and/or post-paid services, some have loyalty reward programs and some offers are very similar or exactly the same. The mobility landscape in Canada is changing. Fizz was the most competitive mid-range mobile data provider but less so since increasing its pricing in January. And if you want less than 6GB/mo, Fizz is not price competitive. Vote for or against a provider by voting with your money, take your business where you get the best value for you.

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    Yup, Fizz = Videotron.

    • With better prices and data rollover
    • Without direct support, everything is done through the web.

    Trade off is the name of the game.