$50 for you, $50 for your friend  😍 



  • Mlybish
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    thats amazing

  • Fizzy
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    Fizz has two promos running at the same time! Thanks Fizz!

    The date coincides exactly with the $50 offer for the 120 Mbps home internet plan (valid until July 15th 2021): https://forum.fizz.ca/en/discussion/2621001/temporary-price-drop-50-for-120-mbps-internet-plan-valid-for-early-summer-2021

    More info available here: Welcome to Fizz!

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy * Go de ma part + mon code de référence Fizz => 66KGA <= my Fizz Referral code + GB data from me *Posts: 8,125

    Simon, this is the beauty of Fizz data gifting.

    In my case, I have been gifting 2 GB to friends who use my referral code.

    Gifted data is valid for 2 months of usage.

    Also with My rewards, every Fizz member will receive upgrades. After unlocking all 3 slots, you can get up to 2 GB extra data for free every month. More about upgrades here: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-do-i-receive-my-rewards-program#1

    Val_2000, if Fizz internet is your first Fizz service plan, you should be able to see/access your code once your plan is active. Please check again one day after your installation.

  • MTeasdale
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    How nice! just before moving day!

  • Idefizz
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    So you're here and still hesitant to jump in❓️ Consider all...

    Fizz advantages

    • -$50 your 3rd bill if you use a referral code, thanks for using mineLRYiH
    • $50 for Internet 120Mbps (cheaper speeds available)
    • $0 modem rental
    • $0 unlimited internet data
    • $0 installation fee
    • $0 cancellation/penalty, any time
    • $0 to receive mobile data gifts you only need to know where to ask (like here)
    • $0 to rollover your mobile data up to 2 months
    • $0 surprise mobile data: Fizz gave clients 5GB last December, as well as 5GB in May. Who knows what's coming next.
    • -$10/month is what the My Rewards program currently grants me (I chose $9 + 1GB). Get the same, over time.

    Fizz Disadvantages:

    • no phone support. Do not subscribe if you are not comfortable without actually talking to a Fizz representative. Then again, chatting is easy and you avoid small talks 😊
    • not offered outside Quebec (except Ottawa)
    • no cable TV (but Fizz freely offered to follow Habs up to the Stanley Cup with the TVA app)
    • must be able to tweak your Fizz plans, just like you tweak your Facebook settings. If you can't just ask a family member.

    All this is using VIDEOTRON's infrastructure and network.

    Not bad eh?

    If you find those tips valuable, consider using my referral code ► LRYiH ◄ and welcome to Fizz 🤗🌞‼️

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