Why did I get billed twice?

I would like to know why I was billed twice for the month of February. Thanks.

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  • Dgjf
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    Fizz seem to have a problem with payement this morning. The support should be full of call. Im sorry but you should wait and retry the support but im sure the team is aware of the problem. Have a nice day :)

    And its the peyement for march not feburary Fizz is a pre-paid service you paid before usage :)


  • Mestapha
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    Hi Bianca, The same issue happens to other today..... Hope everything will be ok soon!
    If there is a problem, you can contact Fizz support for help.
  • oberon
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    Yes many customers are experiencing issues with February payments.
  • Kariann
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    It's a known bug at the moment. Please avoid to contact support for this. They know that probleme and they need time to resolve it. If it still the case in couples days, then, ask support for help!
    Have a great day! :)
  • MTeasdale
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    Look around, there is like a dozen of threads on this subject. It seems like a widespread issue today.
  • Known issue. Fizz is working on it.
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