feburary 2021.why double charge with email saying to fix issues?

i got an email saying my authorise pre-paiment didn't work and to deal with the problem today. but when i check my credit card i got charge twice. the payments are still pending beacause, like usual, it takes time. maybe because of the 28 days of feburary that ended on a weekend and that they charge at the end of the month it didn't work ? i see everyone got the same problem but i don't want to be cut off my internet service tonight. because all your sevices are online if im cut off how would i be able to fix it? are you taking care of us?


  • Dgjf
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    Fizz seem to have a problem with payement this morning. The support should be full of call. Im sorry but you should wait and retry the support but im sure the team is aware of the problem. Have a nice day :) So the problem is at large im sur the team is on it :)
  • StefanM
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    Fizz (again) has problems with their payment system. Many users are reporting this. The most important thing is that your card was charged, which means that your service shouldn't be interrupted. In regards to the double charge, please reach out to customer support so that they can revert the charge manually.
  • Mestapha
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    Hi Laurence, The same issue happens to other today..... Hope everything will be ok soon!
    If there is a problem, you can contact Fizz support for help.
  • oberon
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    Yes many customers are experiencing issues with February payments.
  • Whizz
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    Hello Laurence,
    Apologies for the unpleasant situation.
    I have verified the account on my end as well and I have created a ticket towards our technical team so they can have this situation corrected. Once they will provide a resolution, you will be informed by e-mail.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good day.
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