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Router trouble, not casting any WiFi

Hey all, first time this has happened, I noticed initially that my phone dropped the wifi connection yesterday saying it couldn't get an IP address from the wifi network. Other devices (my PC that also uses WiFi) continued to work. I decided to try a power off reset, after which the modem stopped casting any sort of wifi signal.
I let the modem sit overnight, came back this morning and still no luck. The lights on the front indicate it has an internet connection, however the wifi light is not on. Tried a factory reset and still the wifi will not turn on.
The modem is about 4 months old, to my knowledge nothing about the environment has changed. I live in a small apartment but I don't think this has anything to due with weak signals from other WiFi interference. I have maybe 3 devices connected to it at any given time.
Any and all advice is appreciated!


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