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Can I have internet service at two locations on one account?

I’m thinking of getting a place outside of the city, and this area does have access to Vidéotron/Fizz. I would be keeping my current place as well. Can I sign up for two internet plans at different locations on the same account?


  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 856
    Hi FizzFanTim,

    Yes you can have two services in the same account.
    You just have to go on your profil and add another plan.

    As Fizzy said, you be winning more $$ if your create another account. So you will have 75$ in credit.
    - New client: 25$
    - Ref code : 25$ to the one who give
    - Ref code : 25$ to the person that use it.

    Big total: 75$ in credit.

    Have a nice day
  • cristi
    cristi Posts: 191
    yeap. smartest thing for two internet accounts, two refferals.
    add also maybe cell account :)
    more and more referals
  • MichelP
    MichelP Posts: 8,362
    FizzFan Team,
    Yes, you can have two different plans in an account.
    You saying that Fizz/Videotron câble is not available at this place for the internet, it will be impossible to get this service at this adress.
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