Where is the referral code field on summary page??

Minseo Posts: 2
I still couldn't find referral code field when I registered it on summary page.
I registered my mobile plan today but couldn't get referral codes promotion. So I canceled it right that time. And then I re-registered it again. But still can't see/find the code field that I can put referral code $50.
I attach the summary page.


  • Mike
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    Hi Minseo

    You need to open a new account with a different email, otherwise the system do not consider you as a new client

    If you open an account, activate the plan, close the plan and open a new plan under the same account the system consider you as a new client.
  • StefanM
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    Hi Minseo,
    Please use a desktop browser!
    It is only possible if you are a new subscriber with this profile. Since you have already registered an account, it won’t show. You need to create a new profile with a new email.
  • chiriko
    chiriko Posts: 24
    It's always before you "check out" your order :) Use a desktop browser, that would be much better experience for you :)
  • The Fizz mobile site can be weird sometimes, even if you are on your phone, I'd recommend using the desktop version instead (should be an option in your browser to request the desktop version)
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