What is the list of compatible modems?

I understand that I can't just bring my own modem and expect it to work, though it would be nice if I could use my Technicolor TC4300 or TC4400, and that many people have the Hitron CODA-4680.
My question is: What is the list of compatible modems?
If there is more than one option, are any of the choices more compact than the 2kg sugar bag sized Hitron?
If the answer is that there is only one choice, and you take what you get, does anyone know if the Hitron can be wallmounted easily? Does it have keyhole mounts? Or would this require a couple of improvised tiewrap straps?
I intend to use bridge mode, as the connection point is not central and I have separate routers and Wi-Fi.
I'd like the most compact choice to be a drop-in replacement.
My ideal answer would be that the TC4400 is available, even if it comes from Fizz.


  • Mike
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    Fizz do not allow other modems sorry.
    The modem do not have any key hole to wall mount it
  • Sylvieb
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    What type of equipment does Fizz use?
    Fizz uses an all-in-one Wi-Fi modem that includes a Wi-Fi router.
    This device ensures an exceptional online experience by optimizing Wi-Fi services throughout your residence and on all your devices.
    It utilizes 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards for Wi-Fi connectivity.

    The benefits of using a Fizz Wi-Fi modem include:
    An all-in-one modem and router
    Powerful dual band support
    Secure wireless connectivity
    An easy configuration interface
    Works in conjunction with the Fizz Wi-Fi app so you can manage your service.

    Technical specifications for the Fizz CODA-4680:
    WiFi 2.4GHz : 802.11n double-bande 3x3
    Wifi 5GHz : 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO 4x4
  • Gilles
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    Sadly the only modem is the fizz one, at least it's free.
  • MichelP
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    You must use only the Fizz modem.
    You can use the Fizz modem on the mode: bridge and use your own router.
  • I understand that only Fizz modems are supported.
    And that the Hitron CODA-4680 is common.
    But is that the only choice?
    Is there more than one model?
    And specifically, if there a physically smaller (modem only) unit.
    Sorry if my original question wasn't clear.
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