How do I put a lock on my SIM so it can’t be ported to another phone (e.g. SIM swap attack)?

How do I put a lock on my SIM so it can’t be ported to another phone (e.g. SIM swap attack)? Thanks!


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    Hi, Milan,
    Unfortunately, Fizz is not offering this service.
    You must protect your Fizz account.
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    I not aware about this fonction
  • Hi Yannick,

    A SIM swap attack does not refer to physicaly stealing the SIM card. A SIM swap is when someone convinces your carrier to switch your phone number over to a SIM card they own.

    Many carriers offer you the option of putting a PIN or a passcode on your account. So no one can change the SIM card of the account unless they have the PIN. Otherwise, with a few looks at you facebook account, an experienced hacker can reach out to the carrier by impersonating you.

    In case of a physical steal of the card (or more often the whole phone will be stolen), you can do the following steps:

    1 - Login to your account
    2 - My plans/Manage/Report my phone as lost/stolen
    3 - Block the phone and/or the SIM card
  • I recently found out that my personal information (name, e-mail, phone number, and address) got hacked from a 3rd party web site. My biggest concern is for the hacker to impersonate me, and convince Fizz to switch my phone number over to a SIM card that they own. Then the hacker would get a backdoor entry into my e-mail, and potentially other accounts. With other carriers, I had locked all changes to my account unless I physically visited one of their locations with a driver's license.
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    Hello Milan,
    We're sincerely sorry to hear about this situation encountered. At the moment, indeed we don't offer such a feature as Mike pointed out as well. We recommend protecting all your personal information and when it comes to the Fizz account, we can also suggest changing your password, both of the account and the email attached to it, to a stronger one including capital/lower case letters, digits and symbols.
    Please rest assured also that we take precautions when it comes to updating account information, like changing a sim card or an email address. The necessary security information needs to be provided to us, information that only the owner would have access to. If you need additional assistance, for all the information on how we can be reached you can check our page:
    Have a lovely day and happy holidays!
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