How do find the details of the perks and plan?

This is a two part quesiton.
1) I have a few mobile plans + internet plan. I have renamed them all in "my plan", but when I look at perks, I see them all under my name so I have no way of knowing which lines I applied them to. am I missing something?
2) is there a limit to how many perks you can apply to a plan? I see a max of three slots on the page, but it the perks page seems designed to make it difficult for you to apply them.
For example, I tried applying a data perk to a plan and it is telling me that it can only be applied to an active plan. Well, all my plans are active, so not sure what that means.
Another example, I tried to apply a perk to my internet, and I just see the three perks that are already applied jiggle for a while and stop. what does that mean?


  • Do you pay for data monthly? maybe you can't apply data upgrade unless you do.

    For the shacking upgrades maybe it's asking you which one to remove?
  • MichelP
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    Like Mike said, only 3 bonus (only 3 slots) per plan can be apply.
    Each bonus hat a validity of 24 months.
    Perks a received from Fizz sometimes and can be use to our mobile plans or be given to others Fizz members. Perks also have an expiration date.
  • @Mike, Thanks!
    1) As I mentioned, I have the lines renamed in my plan, but they do not seem to reflect when I look at perks. I can see that I have applied perks to two lines, but all I see there is my name, not the names I put on the lines. So I am not sure what you are saying here. can you dumb it down for me please?
    2) I guess I had my terminology wrong, but you answered my question here. It is just not an intuitive design which makes it a little harder to know what is going on. A little message to say: "Bonus X has been applied to Line "Y" and will be active on your next billing cycle: . This would go along way.
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