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"Phones are available at discounted prices during this beta test". What kind of phones are available

Mihai P.
Mihai P. Posts: 100
I just heard about a beta test, and the details are here: https://community.fizz.ca/questions/2472069-need-phone-need-beta-testers
Is not clear if Fizz launch a home phone service and these are special home phones going with Fizz, or is about cell phones. In the latter case, what is to test?
In both cases, what kind of phones are available right now (model, mark) to be tested...
Can somebody help?
Thank you.


  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,450
    Hi Mihai

    Good idea to sign-up!
    Yes you are right. All phones sold in Canada now should be unlocked
    or they can be unlocked at no charge.
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