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Travel add on not working in Europe, what to do?

I'm in Romania and bought the corresponding Travel Add-on, however for my surprise it doesn't work. I see it was purchased but I have no data. How can I fix this? thanks

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  • Fizzy
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    Hi Eduardo

    You have to enable mobile data and mobile.

    Check online to see which cell providers are in Romania. You have to connect to a cell provider that is a partner of Fizz. And your phone has to support the frequencies used by that provider.

    Note that sometimes North American phones will not work in Europe, Asia, South America, etc.

    If your phone model is compatible, you can also try:
    1. Enabling airplane mode on your phone for a few minutes.
    2. Manually selecting your network.


  • Have you turned on roaming data? Have you tried to restart your phone? If that does not work, get in touch with technical support.
  • Lieux
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    Eduardo you need to set up your APN and have your roaming on.
    Chat with Fizz.
    To chat without problem:
    First, connect you to your fizz account.
    Then contact them at: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-payment-methods-can-i-use
    Wait a few seconds to see the green chat bubble down to the right of the page.
    When you see it, click on it.
    Your chat session begins with Fizz
    Please, desactivate the ad blocker on your browser.
    Or you can send a message on messenger https://facebook.com/fizzca
  • try roaming data ?
    "1. To use your cellphone during your trip abroad, you need to buy a Travel Add-On or again add funds to your wallet to pay as you go.
    Can’t decide if you need a Travel Add-On or should pay as you go? It depends on how long you will be away and how much you will be using your phone while roaming. If you will be travelling for a long time, choose a Travel Add-On (it’s more affordable, and will be valid until the end of your next payment cycle). If you’re going on a short trip, paying as you go will be more practical.
    2. Make sure to activate the roaming option of your phone, or else it'll block your usage. "
  • I talked with the chat person and the solution was to remove the SIN card, turn off the phone, put it back, turn the phone on.
    However, every time I connect to a wifi it "disables" the roaming and I have to do that process again if I want to use data without a wifi: remove the SIN card turn off the phone, etc.
    Anyone has a better solution?
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