Network Coverage in Cote des neiges, Van Horne? ?

I loose mobile network (call, sms and Internet) whenever I am in Van Horne, Avenue Linton.
I tried the following options :
Restarted the mobile
Airplane mode on and off
It doesn't work. Once I cross two blocks either of the street after restarting the phone it works.
I find the mobile coverage is really bad in the cote des neiges main street.
Please can you let me know if it has something to do with my settings or is it because of limited network coverage.


  • Thanks a lot guys for all your help and inputs.
    I looked at my APN settings and I noticed that it was showing videotron.
    Based on the APN suggestions provided by Vanigh and Philip I have modified the APN as per FIZZ.
    I will test it out and update accordingly.
    Vanigh, correct I don't face any issue near the two hospitals.. The issue occurs from Dollarama store (Down near Jewish Hospital) till Pharmaprix (Van Horne)
    When I reach near the Pharmaprix the mobile data goes off and then until I reach near Jewish hospital or comeback down near plaza Cote Des neiges I don't get my Internet back.
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    Please contact Fizz support to let them know :
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