Reducing DATA is increasing my bill instead of reducing. How to keep the same discounts and reduce D

I have a plan with 6Gb and I need to reduce my expenses and plus that I have ~19GB reported but after I'm doing this my monthly payment goes UP. How can I reduce DATA amount and reduce my plan costs?

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  • You can change your plan online but the problem is you will pay the actual price. Maybe you can talk with online service by facebook messenger and have a discount.
  • MichelP
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    If you have a preferential price, you are better to not change your mobile plan.
    If you change it, you'll pay the actual price for this plan.
  • DLB
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    It's seems you have been grandfathered since your actual plan does not exist anymore. So yes, if you change your plan, you'll loose your privileges.
    Being grandfathered allows to keep your actual plan, not to have access to all former plans that do not exist anymore.
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