Can I activate my mobile plan on the date of my choosing?

I just received my (unactivated) SIM. When creating my plan, is it possible to set the beginning to an ulterior date (say the date my current plan ends). If not, is there a delay for the number transfer - could I set it up on the morning my current plan end?


  • Lieux
    Lieux Posts: 2,530
    Cedric if you want to transfer your number it needs to be active during the process of transferring. And I suggest to you not to wait the last day to activate your Sim and ask for transfer your number.
    Here is a guide to help you.
  • Yelena
    Yelena Posts: 1,808
    You can activate your sim close to the date when your current plan ends. Your cycle will start on the day of activation and transfer. There is no way you can postpone it.
  • Hi Cedric,
    Your previous provider should give you a Prorated credit, unless it was a prepaid plan. And as Lieux pontes out, your phone number must be active to transfer the number.
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