Why do I sometimes loose all signal for no apparent reason?

Like 3 hours ago, everything was 100% fine. Now, can't call/text. Nothing works. I DO have signal. See attached picture. The signal is even strong enough. -89DB is not Perfect, but still in the high area (4/5). And off course while i'm writing these lines, the signal comes back as if nothing.It's as if the sim card lost it's registration with the tower and had to do it all again, but like, once every 2-3 days. It's VERY annoying to not have service for 4 hours or so every 2-3 days.
Anyone else having this issue?
in the attached, you will see what i mean. If you look at the top right, you see the SIM2 having no service, whilst the first gauge in the app I use shows reasonably high cellular reception for 3G.
PS: APN is setup perfectly.


  • This message might be related to a lot of issues from SIM Not provisioned well or not working properly, device not optimized to compatibility issue with the network.
    Try to shut down the phone, remove the SIM. Wait 20s and then put it back and reboot the device.
    Click here to see what bands does the network use and see if you phone is able to receive all of them https://fizz.ca/en/faq/compatible-devices
    Depend on where you live the network might not be as good as somewhere else.
    Contact Fizz support since they are the best and can asssist you further.
  • My guess is you meant "Shut down the phone". Might want to update your answer to remove this typo ;)
    I'll try this next time. See if it works. I know that power cycling doesn't do much in itself.
  • Thanks for the share
  • Just had some news. The person will transfer the case to the technical team and they will assist when they can. We'll see what it gives...
  • Got some new stuff. Not From fizz, but it bugged again.
    Out of nowhere, the service dropped. Then i went into my settings and manually registered on the FIZZ 3G network. Then i had the error message "Selected Network (FIZZ) Is unavailable".
    After 2-3 attempts, it finally connected. I'll make sure the support team have a look at these screenshots. I begin to wonder if the problem doesn't come from the SIM card?
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