Australia long distance

I have the add on long distance for Australia. It shows that I have 463 minutes left. I cannot make calls any more either I have nothing or an Asian voice say something in the effect that the line is busy. I can make long distance call inside Canada or the US.


  • Following, curious how this gets resolved.
  • Technical support had a look and said everything thing is fine on their side. Meanwhile, I can't make an Australian call if they have a mobile phone at the other end which all our contacts in Australia have. Basically, technical support has done nothing to help me and we can't talk to an human being with Fizz. Frustrating!
  • Some voip provider ( offers 0.0234 / minute to Australian land line and 0.0791 / minute to Australian mobile.
    This explains why you could not reach mobile Autralian ( 4 times more expensive ) .
    I suspect that Fizz has only an agreement with land line access ( 4 times less expensive than mobile ).
    This is not the first time Fizz users complaint about unable to make long distance call to a mobile using long distance monthly add on.
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