Really bad connection since last week (montreal)?

Hi, since last week i get a lot of packet loss in video games, and audio/video cut out in zoom calls, is still have 130/15 mb down/up, and i have no problem watching videos.
This is not a problem with my setup, i am connected via ethernet, and i don't have any problem if i use the connection sharing from my phone (not a fizz mobile).
This is a huge problem for me as i use zoom all day at work, and sometimes i miss 4-5 seconds of video/audio every 10 seconds making it impossible for me to do my job.
If this cannot be fixed this week then how can i cancel my account ?


  • Same issue with me. I even cannot open a web page with my 60M Wi-Fi.
  • I contacted the support, they told me that there is an issue in my area and that their teams are working on it.
    I then asked when the issue started, they said on 04/09 at 18pm but my issue started on monday 31/08, so this is probably bulIshit.
    I have an appointement on 10/09 to get internet from another internet provider in case this is not solved by then, so i would like to know how can i cancel my account if needed ?
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    The info to unsubscribe can be found here:
  • Are you using a VPN? If so, which one are you using?
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