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How to cancel my plan but keep my number?

I am leaving Canada for eight months. I was wondering if it is possible to cancel the mobile plan but to keep my phone number? Thanks a lot!


  • You can keep your phone number for sure. but contact fizz first. they will confirm that to you.
    also after you cancel any line that phone number stays locked for a year or so
  • No you cannot, you need to pay each month
  • Alfio
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    You can keep your phone number by first transferring it to another provider. If you don't have another mobile provider that you will use, you can try a voip provider and pay a small monthly fee to keep it alive. If you don't have a voip account, maybe a friend who has a voip account can help you out with that. Voip phone number at voip.ms as an example costs $1 per month to maintain. When you return, you can then ask to transfer it back.
    P.S. just noticed someone else (Pascal) had a similar response to mine
  • EdmTrance
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    The answer is no.
    Have a nice day
  • You can't cancel the line and keep your number
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