Is this a Videotron outlet and does it work with Fizz?

This isn't coax but I'm sure it's something Videotron installed in the apartment building at start of 2020. Looks like an RJ-45 but maybe it's something else. Is this actually a Videotron outlet, and if so does it work with Fizz? Obviously it's not coax.


  • This is terrible, I'm sure I included a photo link when I posted the question and now I don't see one. I'm sorry if that happened and I made the discussion hard for every one. Here's the link, I think the consensus is that it's Bell, since bell's max speed in the building is 50/7 and Videotron now is Internet 400 (can't find the download speed).
    Very sorry if this never showed up. Here's the connector.
  • Thank you, I also thought it might be RJ-45 but now think it's not because here's a picture I just took with the cover off. I believe this is fibre. Thanks for the suggestion, I remember wiring my house many years ago when wireless was slow and expensive.
  • I wanted to follow up on my original question. Apologies if this is late. Also I thought I earlier added the missing photo of the outlet, but I don't see it now in my original post. The answer is, it's a Vidéotron fibre outlet and yes you need coax for Fizz (not sure about Vidéotron).
    Fizz/Vidéotron tech came for the install, I pointed at the coax outlet (about 1" sticking out, no connector) and he said "isn't there fibre?". Of course there was. He installed an adapter that converts fibre to coax (Arris SDU RFoG CPE). We have the regular coax Fizz tower modem, which I installed (I wasn't sure whether free self-install included plugging in the modem and seeing it work, so I didn't push for it).
    The service is only 15/10 but it's been rock solid for the last 3 weeks or so. Calling Bell to cancel Fibe and we'll see how it goes. Between a couple of streaming services and an antenna in the window, we should be okay. As expected from checking on, they have 9 Canadian channels* and possible some US. The picture quality is fantastic of course. That's based on me hooking up an old $8 antenna to the TV and pointing it vaguely in the direction of the Oratory. Next step is to take my ancient OTA (Over-the-Air) TiVo PVR and see if it pulls them in for recording. The picture quality is fantastic.
    [*CBC, CTV, Global, CITY, SRC, TVA, CFTU, CFJP, and ICI -- I didn't keep the TV on long enough to identify the French channels well, and TQS is poor, also as promised by TVFool. I actually got WETK PBS 1-4 but no other American station, I don't understand and later it didn't work, so I'm discounting it for now.]
    Fibre outlet as installed in Feb 2020:
    Fibre outlet, cover off:
    Fibre outlet and adapter (fibre in, 1 coax to modem, 1 coax to power bar):
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