MF275R Rocket Hub won't stay connected!

Hello All,
I have a ZTE MF275R rocket hub and 20gb fizz plan that I've been using for almost a year. I have no other real options for home internet. (other than robellus)
I set the APN and I have a mobile data connection, however it is constantly disconnecting from the network (sometimes it's every 5-15 minutes, sometimes it stays connected for 8-10 hours). I'm talking about the modem's data connection to the carrier, not the wifi.
Every time it disconnects I have to log into the modem, and press the connect button. This has been very very frustrating while trying to work from home. I figured it must be a weak connection and the tower is dropping me because I'm using too much power, so I invested in a dual yagi setup and went from -120/-119db (1bar) to a solid -114 (2bars).
It's still happening!! and I am at my wits end, I've reset the modem to factory, tried both LTE and 4G only, I bought another router to connect to the modem so the modem wouldn't be doing the router/wifi service, no change. It might stay connected a bit longer on average with just 4G, but it's so slow I really need the LTE.
I have a spare Samsung A5 I can put my fizz sim into, but the tower is too far away to connect so I end up using roaming data.
I bit the bullet this week and bought a SIM from the big 3 with a 20GB plan so I can get my work done, but I don't want to give up my sweet 20GB fizz plan if I don't have to...
Does anyone have any suggestions to get this thing to stay connected?


  • Gave ZTE a call to see about updated firmware. They were about as helpful as you might expect... no way to get the latest firmware other than bring it into a bell service center at my expense (if bell would even touch it).
    Looks like I need a new modem and this ZTE belongs in the trash. Not surprising given ZTEs reputation, and probably for the better to keep the Chinese government out.
  • EdmTrance
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    HI Andrew.
    Ask the manufacturer of the device.
    Have a nice day :)
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