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During mobile transfer to Fizz from a Telus account having 3 mobile plans, does the whole account ge

I have a Telus account that has only one account number for 3 mobile plans. For the time being, I would like to activate my Fizz SIM card and transfer only one mobile number out of the 3 to Fizz. The 2 other plans, for now, I would like them to remain active with Telus.
During SIM activation, I will provide the account number and phone number that I want to transfer to my Fizz account. However, will it only deactivate the mobile plan for which I want to transfer the phone number to Fizz or will it deactivate the remaining 2 others mobile plans under the same Telus account as well?
Has anybody experience something similar? If yes can you please share your experience.
Thanks in advance for your help and time.


  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,717
    Hi Mayastich!
    You have to contact telus for account closing, cause if u have a balance left the account won't close you need to pay it. And if you have no balance to pay you need to contact telus to close the account cause it's a post-paid service and not pre-paid.
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  • Mike
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    HI Mayastitch

    I believe that EDMTrance did not want to say that you need to contact Telus for closing the account.

    Never do this if you want to transfer the number!

    The transfer process will close the number that you transfered.
  • Fizzy
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    If you want to transfer a number, you should never close the old account.
    The account has to be kept active to be eligible for transfer.
    This requirement works the same way for every telecom provider in Canada.
  • EdmTrance
    EdmTrance Posts: 2,717
    Problem resolved?
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