coax cable wall outlet not working?

i have two cable outlets, i used to connect fizz modem on the one in living room but now, when i try to connect the modem in another bedroom, the coax outlet on the wall is not working. there is not signal at on after set up the modem. is there any auggestion or i would have to request an installation by a techniciant? thanks.


  • Yelena
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    You can also contact Fizz support by messenger if the chat bubble doesn't appear or waiting time is too long.
  • Nomdefoire
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    When I got in in my new appartment, it had 3-4 coax cable all over the place. Only one worked with Fizz (because it was the previous Videotron cable). Your second cable is probably from another previous company. Maybe Fizz can send a technician to try to run a new functionning cable to another room, but I'm pretty sure it will come with a price. It doesn't cost anything to ask them tho!

    You could also consider buying and running an apparent cable along the walls if it's not too far. Not the prettiest option, but it would work!

    Good luck
  • sokarina
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    Hi you must contact support for them the assist you
  • Stanley M.
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    Try to contacy support they might be able to help you with that
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