Credit card not working?

Your thing here to ask questions is far from being obvious just turn around and around for 15 minutes if not more trying to get here. Anyway trying to activate my daughter’s phone and when it gets to payment its not pickup the card. I’m the one paying for her so it’s my card i know it’s working and valid and it empty not loaded. Why isn’t it picking it up?


  • KingKong
    KingKong Posts: 464
    Hey Rob, you will have to contact the customer Service either on Facebook messenger ( or Fizz Website by opening this link and simply scroll down until you see the Green Bubble, Click on it to start your Chat session with the customer service. Good Luck, they will be able to help you ! ! :)
  • Whizz
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    Hello Rob,
    I see that you've already reached us in private and a colleague of mine helped you further. We sent your case to be verified by our specialized team and once we'll have an update, we'll notify you via the email associated with your account.
    Have a good one!
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