Modem not working, no wifi showing up?

My wifi suddenly stopped working. Upon checking the LED status, I can see the green light and the two blue lights of downlink, uplink are turned on. No blinking! Even if I restart it or plug/unplug it it's still the same. I also tried holding reset button for 10 second and nothing happened. Another abservation is that the big button in front of modem has a faint steady red light around it. I'm out of options and don't know what to do. Please let me know what should I do.

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  • vanigh
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    If the @ light is not on it means the Fizz modem is Not connected to Fizz Network it's offline,
    Do you have your computer connected by an Ethernet RJ45 cable to your computer?
    Ask for support online by chat , this service is available from 8h00 to 21h00, each day.
    Fiirst, connect you to your Fizz account.
    Then, type:
    Wait a few seconds until you see the green bubble chat down to the right of the page.
    When you see it, click on it.
    Your chat session with Fizz begins.


  • EdmTrance
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    Hi Milad! Thanks for your fabulous question!
    In your case i suggest you to contact directly fizz by clicking the green chat bubble available in your account dashboard or by chatting with a fizz rep on facebook under the name "Fizz".
    It's been a pleasure to assist you today. Have a nice day! :)
    If you have any further question, ask me!
    Don't forget to mark my answer as the best!
  • Hi ! Did you find the solution?
  • PeterG
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    HELP! I have the same problem. No chat bubble appearing anywhere, not to mention that I had to go to McDonald's to get wifi, because my home phone is via Internet, which doesn't work! NO EXPLANATION anywhere on the Fizz site for this problem or what the red/orange button means.
  • PeterG
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    DO NOT Sign up for FIZZ! I've had the same problem for over 3 days now and NO SERVICE from Fizz!!! If you can contact them via someone else's Internet, all they say is to be patient and there is work being done in your area. NOT TRUE! No trucks anywhere in my area at all.
  • PeterG
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    "Customer Service" is non-existent for this problem. I've been almost 4 days with no Internet and every day all the "service" people tell me is 1) There is work being done in my area (apparently without trucks or technicians), 2) Unplug and re-plug the modem, 3) Be patient (My patience ran out on the first day). BTW, I can't post an update to my own question, so I'm doing so here.
  • Whizz
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    Hello PeterG,
    I apologize for this unpleasant situation that you experienced.
    After having a look into your account, I could see that you managed to access our support department and they've provided you the assistance you needed.
    If the situation is still present and you need more information or assistance, please check the following link
    Have a nice day.
    Nicolae Bogdan
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  • Hey there, I've encountered the same issue: power and up/buttons are on after the reboot but nothing else, except the red/amber ring around the button at the bottom.
    What was the outcome of your situation? A technician has been booked for me but will only be here in 3 days.
  • @Maxime: Your modem is busted. Nothing will fix it, except replacing it, which the technician will do when he is done servicing Videotron customers.
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