Suggestion - AntiVirus Internet with Fizz

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I have an suggestion for Fizz Whizz!
Another provider offer an antivirus protection with internet subscription.
It's can be a great idea to offer an antivirus protection with Fizz!


  • MichelP
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    If Fizz will offer in the future an antivirus, you can be sure that the price of your plan will go up.
    LKBLAIS Posts: 73
    I could see how it would add another layer of complexity/issues for costumers and Fizz employees.
  • Whizz
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    Hi Mathieu,
    Thank you for your suggestion, we'll take it into consideration.
    In the meantime, you can try a few good free antivirus software out there, or find a good deal for the paid version. However, bear in mind that you'll still need to stick to the "Best Practices", like keeping your operating system software up to date, avoiding unknown emails or messages, staying away from questionable sites and not downloading apps from obscure sites, not giving away your personal info and making sure you use secure passwords. You can also find these info available on our dedicated FAQ:
    Have a good one!
  • J D. #792
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    Personally, I prefer to have control on which anti-virus to use. Bell does offer anti-virus to come with the internet plan, but I found it slow down the performance of my PC. Currently I'm using windows 10 with the free antivirus that comes with windows and on top I installed a malware scanner like Malwarebytes. I found is good enough, you probably encounters more malwares than virus. Also, you can also setup an OpenDNS ( for another layer of protection.
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