Something very strange happened with my voicemail, I would like to know why?

I turned my phone on and off to clean it. When I turned it on, I had a notice that I had a new voicemail to listen to, I go to my voicemail box and there's two new voicemails. When I listen to them, I remember already hearing these messages and I'm very good with keeping my voicemail box clean, so am almost positive that I deleted them after hearing them the first time. What's even more troubling is that these messages are from mid-march (it was May 4th when this bug happened). One message was from the bank and they left the date of their message which was March 17, so I'm positive it's an old message.
Why would they randomly come back in my voicemail box. Also why would these messages still exist if one: I'm sure I deleted them, two: they passed the 30 day limit that Fizz keeps your message before -supposedly- deleting them?


  • gf
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    maybe it's a glitch
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