Data to gift, who will be lucky?

Leifuer Code for reference->PRHS4Posts: 463
7 blocks of data (500Mb each) to gift, who will have the chance (one block each)?
(PM me your phone number)

ATTENTION: You MUST have a data plan to receive it!


  • You are very generous, you will surely find takers. If you can't find a taker here you always have people loading it on the Facebook Fizz page. Good night
  • Thanks for sharing
  • jeffstp
    jeffstp Posts: 81
    Thanks for sharing. With what happen in the world now, someone will really appreciate it.
  • AntonioMar
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    Thanks for sharing
  • AntonioMar
    AntonioMar Posts: 788
    If the gift is gone, could you please close the question.
  • I have 1 GB of data to give to someone. Just PM your phone number.
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