Internet dropping once a day. Have to power cycle both modem and router. What should I do?

In the last week, my internet connection has been dropping once a day. In order to get everything back, I have to power cycle both the fizz modem and my router. Just power cycling the router doesn’t seem to help.
I noticed when my connection drop (ie: Netflix stops, unable to access web pages anymore with a “no connection” error on the browser), that the internet light on my router is still constantly blinking. I am not sure if this is some kind of hint?
I am hesitant to restore to factory the modem if it’s the router. If it’s the router, I’ll have to setup another router (that I haven’t had the time to do)... Is there something I can see to determine if it’s the modem or my router?
Thanks so much!


  • Blackpo
    Blackpo Posts: 911
    Follow Mike instructions
  • AntonioMar
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    have u tried to plug in a different electrical outlet
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