internet for only 3 months?

I need Internet access for a short period of time. Probably around 3 months. After that, I may no longer need it. How would I go about returning the modem in a case like this?
Is it worth it to go with Fizz?


  • Hugo_R
    Hugo_R Posts: 438
    There's no contract.
  • Meowth
    Meowth Posts: 94
    Yes it's worth it! Easy to install there's all instructions well explained. You can have a 25$ bonus for your third month if you use a referal code. And you can cancel anytime. When you cancel, they will give you the informations for the modem's return.
    If you want to have a referal code for your 25$ bonus : *Mine is the second one ;)
  • Definitely worth it. Price is cheaper than everywhere else anyways.
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