Data roaming doesn't work in Ontario?

I live in Quebec and have Canada coverage but roaming doesn't work in Ontario. Tried setting the APN w/ FIZZ update & manually, restart & changing LTE to 3G


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    Did you enable the roaming on your phone?
    Ask for support and chat with Fizz team online.
    This service is available from 8h00 to 21h00, each day.
    To chat without problem:
    First, connect you to your Fizz account.
    Then, open a second window and types this adress:
    Wait to see th3 green chat bubble down to the right of the page.
    When you see it, click on it.
    Your chat session with Fizz begins.
  • I did enable roaming.
    Thanks I'm contacting support
  • If you can’t reach the support, try communicating with them by messenger, that’s what works best for me.
  • Yep, messenger was best.
    I had to delete the FIZZ MMS APN so that manually typing the settings on FIZZ INTERNET could be saved (MMSC was in conflict)
    I also had to leave the network as LTE
  • Glad to hear there is a way.
  • Please contact the Support asap.
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