How to I activate an upgrade? Perks cannot be activated or gifted.

1) I can see I have 2 upgrades of 250M data, but I have no clue how to activate them, and cannot find any information about how to activate it.
2) I have also 2 perks (1G and 1 500M of data). In the past I was able to activate one, but that doesn't work anymore. I got an error message indicating something like "Sorry to apply this perks you need to have an account which you doesn't seem to have".. Really weird, and of course when that happen I'm logged into my account.
3) I've searched a total of easy 30 min. looking for the chat bubble where I can chat with someone from Fizz, I could not find it at all. I thought it was because i was on my mobile, but now on my desktop, and cannot find it either, it is even possible to get in contact with Fizz ???


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