Which addon I need to had to be hable to make calls in Nova scotia?

Which addon I need to add to be hable to call in Nova Scotia ? I modify my coverage from quebec only to canada full coverage to be hable to call since I moved to Nova Scotia. When I try to call in Nova scotia the call gets shut down immediatly. I received a text message from Fizz that modifications would be activated on the 7th of february. I can't wait that long I need to be hable to call this month. Please help me!


  • I would unfortunately change provider because if you move to Nova Scotia, Fizz will stop working after 3 months. Make sure to make the change 48h before the end of your cycle.
    Check with Nova Scotia providers of course.
    P.S. Try using a free online calling app in the meanwhile such as Tango or Fungo.
  • Buy an addon for text and call.
    Choose international, then canada.
    It should cost about $6.00
    Good luck !
  • Be aware that after 3 months out you will loose your service :)
  • Hmmm sure about that ?
    I was with a Quebec number before and I lived in NS for a whole year (2017) and I kept paying my bill normally and never lost my line or anything.
  • I think your changes will only take effect on your next billing cycle, not immediately. That may be the problem that you are facing now. However, like others have said, it is okay to visit for awhile so long as you come back to Quebec, but if you intend on living there forever, eventually Fizz will cut your service (after 3 months or so)
  • Canada coverage plan is the best
  • Whizz
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    Hi Rachel,
    As other already said, you will need to change providers if you will live outside our subscription area. Here you can find more info about the usage at Fizz while you are using our partner networks: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/partner-networks .
    To be able to call when you are in Nova Scotia, you will need to buy a Travel Add-on for Canada. Here you can find more info about your options when you travel outside Quebec zone: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/im-travelling-outside-my-coverage-zone-what-are-my-roaming-options .
    Thank you very much for your kind understanding!
    Have a great day!
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