Sine they both belong to Quebecor, is swapping from Videotron Internet to Fizz Internet require anyt

I've been with Videotron Internet since July and I would like to move to Fizz Internet since I already have a cell phone plan with them. Will I be able to use the same modem or will I need to return it to Videotron to get a Fizz modem? Do you know if there's a transition time where I'll be stuck offline?
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  • Mike
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    You need to return the Videotron's modem, Fizz will give you a new modem
    You should unsubscribe from videotron, only after Fizz will deliver a new modem
    Therefore, you need to be overlap the 2 services for a day or two
  • MichelP
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    You'll need to return your videotron modem.
    Just decide to subscribe to Fizz internet, and choose a date of self installation. The technicien will bring you your Fizz modem and check your signal. It wont cost you anything for this self installation.
    It's very easy to install and we have such information about it.
    Enjoy Fizz internet and save $.
  • Vous devez absolument aviser le fournisseur précedent et payer un mois complet.
    Modem needs to be changed. Fizz modem is free (rental included in price so no worry).
    There will be no transition time if you cancel Videotron AFTER you get Fizz.
    Once the tech comes, you get internet within 15 min.
    Me I didn't want to pay 1 extra month with my previous provider so I went offline for 10 days. Depend on how you can go by without internet.
    Hope this helps.
  • Mike has the right answer.After all is running well with Fizz, you call Vidéotron to cancel and return their modem.P.S. They will try to offer you the same deal than Fizz, but we all know that that deal won’t last!
  • Thank you for the answers everyone.
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