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Follow up regarding my question about the referral bonus

Ok.. I was not clear enough and it was totally my fault. What I meant to say (or ask) is: is it normal to receive a SMS from an unknown number (coming from Victoriaville #819-460-0886) saying "here is your 25$ referral bonus and adding a link for a bank transfer.
The site (for the e-transfer) seems legit but I find it weird that it is asking for my credentials to be able to deposit that money. It is somewhat normal that it is asking for my account number (to know where to make the deposit) but I thought that Fizz would credit the bonus directly to my future bill.
They also have my credit card info. They could apply the bonus directly to it.
My last point (and the one that jumps out to me directly) is the link address to it (h t t p s/ coalminecanaries.c o m) I've used the spacebar in between the letters to make sure that the link is readable. The address looks weird
In summary, it is weird that Fizz is using this process to apply the bonus.
It has been two months that the referral has been registered.
Thank you again
If the community agrees with me and also think that it looks like a scam, I would appreciate if Fizz could contact me regarding this situation.


    You should Never have to give Bank / Fizz account information That is a Scam !
    you will receive a notice when you get your Fizz Bonus and you can go online to see it , on the third month it will deduct directly from your bill.
    Anything other should be reported to FIZZ and to the RCMP Scam unit (Even if it was legit it is better to let them know if you suspect a scam)
    That Defiantly sounds like a scam to me I would report it Immediately
  • MichelP
    MichelP Posts: 8,352
    No, never!!!
    It's a scam (sms of fraud)
    Do not reply.
  • Wow the link is to another Scam.... It's a fake Cosco Page
    And the Irony is in the link name ... the canary was a way to detect danger in a coal mine ... if it died you were in BIG trouble.
    I would make a phone call so others don't get scammed.
    Sorry for any miss information we as a community might have given you yesterday, we thought it was the normal FYI txt from Fizz.
  • Andrej
    Andrej Posts: 112
    Fizz applies the bonus to your bill, you don't have to provide any bank information. just ignore it!!!
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